Thursday, October 1, 2009

Twins Won Today yeah.

It is a rainy, windy day here. We went to water exercise, watched part of the baseball game and then hunkered down for a nap.
Emma had to go out between raindrops to do her duty.

Wed at 1 pm at Regency Hospital on Hidden Lakes pkwy in Golden Valley we are having a demonstration of three service dogs. Peggy will bring Thor, Judy will have Keiley, and I will have Emma. It is at 1 am but will likely be crowded. The primary audience is people with MS but others are welcome too.

I am pretty tired today so will relax tonight. I might be getting a cold but not sure.

Mary and Emma say stay warm and snuggle in if you live where fall has come. We need the rain badly as Sept was dry and a drought this summer...but brr brr.

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