Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Emma Went to The Vet

Emma was so nervous at the vet. They decided to take her into the carpeted conference room where she seemed more comfortable for the exam. The Vet told me she looked great. I was pleased. She needed some immunizations. We also will be having her get some dental work done. This will be within the next 6 weeks. We have to set the date with them. She was doing just fine in all other ways.

Another dog we saw it turned out had a large mass in the abdomen. It was a little dog and I didn't know the bread. The owner looked so very very sad. We felt so fortunate that Emma's only concern was to clean her teeth. We can handle that.

It is Tuesday and I rarely am up at 5:20 am. Unlike those who working days I can go back to bed. The big game between the Twins and Detroit for 1st place in the division is tonight. Anna, Rosa, Mike, and Tia are coming over to watch the game. How fun is that?

It is raining again today. We can use it but it has been a lot of days of rain and/or no sun. Emma will only go to the bathroom when it stops for awhile unless she is desperate. It is amazing how fast she can go outside , "go" and come back in the rain.

We wish you a good day...Mary and the back to bed dog Emma

I will write more later.

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