Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Emma HOme

Asleepy, thirsty Emma is home. They said she wouldn't be hungry but to try to wet some dog food and give her up to 1/4 cup if she would eat it on her teeth.

Guess who came home and directly to her food dish? Wet dog food now eaten and she is ready to sleep an me too.

I am suppose to only let her outside when leashed for two days. And no gentle leader for a day so it doesn't cause any pressure on her teeth. Don't brush teeth till two weeks. She did great and was well behaved which is no surprised to me. She is already sound asleep. Sleeping on her side which shows me she is very relaxed.

Happy to have her home. The procedure was cheaper than expected because they did not have to remove any teeth - just a good cleaning...she is priceless and I will sleep so good with her here.

No one should have to try to nap without their dog. I couldn't sleep earlier so off to bed we go soon.

A grateful Mary
A relaxed Emma

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