Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Twins Win

Thanks to my kids for a fun party/dinner watching the twins game. Sorry Justin had to work and Tia and Mike had to leave early. We had a great time with them all. Rosa screamed with the rest of us but always "go Joe Mauer" her favorite

Poor Emma another day of rain and she hates going to the bathroom in the rain. She will wait till she seems miserable.

My throat hurts but I think it is just from yelling through the game? We will be at Regency Hospital in Golden Valley at 1 tomorrow to show MS patients who come there for mtgs the service dogs and what they can do in general and for those with MS. Judy and Keiley will be there. (Emma's foster mom) and Rosie and Loti. I taught both Judy and Rosie's children at one time. Though it was not Judy's decision that I received Emma. That was a surprise for both of us. Rosie also was a good pal to Emma as she was being trained. How fun for Emma to see them both tomorrow.

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