Friday, October 9, 2009

Day at HOme again

Tonight I feel better which is good.
My great niece's wedding is tomorrow.
Emma and I have had lots of rest and can attend yeah.
Greg is one of the readers.

My children are going to the wedding and granddaughters too.
Rosa and Sophia will come home with us for an overnight after it all. Fun.

I don't have much to write.
Emma is having her dental work done Oct 20th and that is good to have scheduled

She just helped me pick up the house a big and then I rested on the couch.
She brought me a blanket to keep me warm....she is such a good dog.

We are cheering for the Twins tonight...

Suppose to be very cold for this time of year tomorrow and windy.
I was worried my outfit would be too wintery but not now.

Hope you have a good weekend.
Wishing my sister safe travel as she heads out to see my brother who lives in Oregon.

Mary and Emma

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