Monday, October 26, 2009

Book Club

Our big event of the day was Book Club. Emma was a bit off task today needing reminders to do what I asked. Maybe she thought she needed a day off. She is usually sharper.

We came home for a nap, to fold some clothes, organize toys a bit...just quiet things. Bills..a few letters too.

After a nap Emma was ready to help me around here...she was handing me clothes to fold from the basket, handing me toys, and more attentive. We got outside and enjoyed some sun. Gosh I need to clean up the yard. We have a few plants left to remove before winter. They are dead of course it has frosted here. Some plants we just cut back so the roots help hold the dirt and avoid erosion over the winter.

I already have done a bit of Christmas shopping. My sister picked up some items for us. I purchased a few. I think because it is been colder I am more in the mood early this year. The grandchildren will be my first focus. I have to simplify as we have so many medical bills this year...but we try to focus on family and the religious nature of Christmas rather than the presents anyway.
I am already thinking of what to get Emma.

This is cute. Rosa got a fisher price indoor/outdoor tball set. she tried to use it indoors here. Emma would run for the ball. It was nerf type. Well we had to stop as the ball was a bit big for Emma's mouth and got stuck once. Also that type of ball we don't want any bites from Emma if she gets too excited. She was just showing us when she slept over. It is from her other Grandpa and he wants her to use it at his house with him. No pets there and room indoors and out he says.

Emma is more excited to fetch balls and toys again. Maybe with her healthy mouth?? Or just coincidence. She is doing just fine and letting me brush her teeth again. The vet said to keep her mouth closed so her tongue doesn't quick lick off the tooth paste (my problem before).

Well time to eat dinner...Mary and Emma

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