Sunday, October 18, 2009


Hurray hurray. Greg did not have to go into work till later in the day. Emma and I enjoyed that. After church at our local parish we visited with old friends. They are organizing volunteers to go to Hati and offered "a taste of Hati" for the socializing after Mass. Emma was also great at church like always. New people always come up to us and comment each time. Our chuch has been our parish for 30 years now. Many of the original folks now have grown children and moved to smaller homes, other areas for one reason or another. The parish is growing with new young families moving into the area and so we just don't know as many, Kids activities sure help you get to know people. Also being on committees and what not.

Greg's work keeps him pretty much centered down at the st. Lawrence Neuman Center on weekends. Especially Sundays. So we don't get to our loacal parish as often as we would like. Often enough though that Emma seems familiar to where we sit and the routine.

It has been a lovely fall day. Warmer temps but I think still cooler than normal. People are out raking leaves. We did not rack but got Emma outside several times. She loves plunging into the pile of leaves. You see her hind end sticking up while most of her head is in the leaves. Then she kind of dives into the whole pile. What a dod it is so funny. Lots of people are doing yard work, mowing and so on. I wish I had the energy to do a bit today but I need to rest, read, and fold laundry. Going to church and visiting took awhile too.

We are having dinner before Greg leaves. Again that is a treat to have him home so long on a Sunday. Working for the church for him means busy Sundays. When Emma and I go there to Mass like last week we receive a warm welcome. We are there often enough that many people know her name but not necessarily mine ha ha. but that is fine.

Also her dental work is Tuesday so she is on antibiotics. Taking them so well for us. I still can't imagine her being gone a full 12 hours from me. I wish it was like a person hospital where I could wait through the surgery, be with her in recovery and so on. That is not to be but they will keep in contact by phone. I will be at water exercise that is blocks from the New Hope Animal Hospital where we take her.

Tomorrow a dentist appointment and Greg has an appt to get the results from his tests to check for cancer. He has had kidney cancer several times so is tested regularily. We anticipate good news.

Emma is fine. She is sure good company and help. She has been helping me pick up today....

Take care...Mary and EMMA

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