Monday, October 12, 2009

A Snowy Day in OCTOBER??

Emma is in her glory. It snowed last night and has snowed ALL DAY.

She has explored nearly every inch of the fenced yard. Her paw prints show in the snow. It looks like when I had day care here and foot prints would show in the new snow!!! She was so thrilled running around, rolling, putting her face in.

I will write more later but know this is one HAPPY Dog!!

As for me I have to chuckle it is so early in the year. This year mother nature decided to SKIP FALL. We had a cooler than normal summer and then a warm warm Sept and Snowy so far Oct.

Leaves are falling off trees without changing color in our yard. I think these strange occurances have everything mixed up here.

Have a good day....Mary and Snowy Happy Emma

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