Thursday, October 22, 2009

Emma Is Her Old Self

Thursday means water exercise. Then a nap. Pizza for supper and time to watch tv or read a book or do chores? Which will we pick Emma?

Emma is her old self. Sweet, adorable and fun. She is so precious and appreciated in our home. Yes she is "my dog" but Greg loves her too. For sure. A fact I really like when she has to go to the bathroom later in the evening and will go out with her (though I could do it).

Emma helps lighten my mood. I have some worries and having her around helps. I know I write a lot about our life but not everything belongs in the blog. Emma just adds a nice touch to every day for me.

Friday and if things go as planned we are going to an early movie. Amelia Erhart (spelling?) Some of the women from our MS swim group will be going including Emma. She is considered one of the group ha ha.

The Helping Paws newsletter came out on computer today and gosh it looked fun. I hope we will be there next year. Thanks to both Helping Paws Staff, Volunteers and to the donors that support this cause.

I know from readers it is not easy to post a comment on this blog unless you sign up for an account (which is not that hard). If you prefer to email us at that is just fine.

Emma is enthusiastic today and just so much fun to be with. Glad all went well. We are doing fine. No dental pain for me yeah. Hope it stays that way till Monday Dentist appt.

Mary and Emma wish you a good day.

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