Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Belated Happy Birthday to Judy

Hi All,

Hope this note finds you in good health. If not, you are not alone. Three of my four children, and one of their boyfriend's are all sick with the flu. Another sick with sinus stuff. Several children who attended the wedding we did also are sick. My great neice had a temp of over 103 Sunday!! She is 11, My children are adults of course.

Emma and I are doing fine but tired. We stayed home today for a variety of reasons. I got some needed rest and relaxation and time at home. Emma got to go outside many times. I am not sure the exact temp but my windows made it look like it was raining. NO it wasn't just snow melting from yesterday's all day snow.

Summer temps in Sept and the winter started. More cold temps coming this way I believe. It is more like November I think. Many leaves dying and dropping before turning color at all. Emma is missing those autumn days of tromping through colored leaves that crunch under foot. At least for today they are all wet. Flowers kissed by frost are done for the year too. But Emma still enjoys outdoors.

A reader reminded me that in a post more than a year ago I wrote/blogged that i had learned you had to choose to be happy. What a good reminder!! from a past blog. We are going with the flow weather wise. We are treasuring family even as I hope for their speedy recovery. I am grateful for a warm home as cold weather and snow barges into our lives. I do think you have to put effort into putting a positive spin on things.

I have been more frustrated than normal lately that I don't drive right now. Whine whine. Nope not going there. So lately I tell myself how fortunate i am that I always have drivers. My husband, my friends, my children, metro mobility - it has worked out. Okay I do miss the quick trips here and there but with planning it is working. I am also learning to be more content with quiet times at home to read, play with Emma, work on the computer, nap, visit with my husband, well you see I am working on this issue.

An acquaintance told me Sunday _ I always am so cheerful. Well not always but am working on it. i cry sometime or get to feel sorry for myself at times. But I am working hard on dealing with life. Hey who knew I would retire early? When my kids were little I never imagined a time when i could nap? swim in the middle of the day? go to lunch with friends? OKAY MS is NOT fun but I have learned from others with the disease that a positive attitude makes coping so much better. I think it also keeps you moving which helps your body deal with it all. Body and soul need that...

WE MISSED NOTING JUDY'S BIRTHDAY. As Emma's foster mom who trained her for over 2.5 years she will always have a special place in our heart. Emma got to see her next week and you would not believe how excited she was and happy to see her. Judy got down on her knees to greet Emma who was eager to get on her lap and slobber on many kisses. God bless Judy for how she changed my life and Emma's.

I can't believe some days how blessed I am. Helping Paws and the Michurski family (yeah Judy, Steve, Mike, Jack, and Katie) have changed my life forever by the love and training they gave Emma. People compliment me on a well trained dog but gosh it started in those early years. I just reinforce and review. Emma is just the best match for my needs and I love her enthusiasm. Also I think she would say she loves being with someone who needs naps. As she gets older She seems to like them more and more. She rarely wakes me now but sleeps as long as i do,

Gosh this is long. It is getting dark so early here in MN. I hope I hear tomorrow that my kids are feeling better with the flu. It takes awhile the nurse told me. I had to call for something else. They actually have a flu hotline at our clinic. They had a pre recorded message with lots of helpful info about the flu, what to do, and when to try to see a doctor. All of this and it is only october. Most years isn't the flu a bit later? Yep I did get a flu shot.

Hope your day goes well. Wonder how many ready this wordy blog. I don't know how many read it as there is no counter. That is okay. I like reflecting on our days. I do get email from some of the readers. Emma and I never mind hearing from you.


Hope you stay healthy...if not lots of rest and fluids will help you out....Emma and Mary say belated happy birthday to Judy.
You are so special to us....Mary

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