Wednesday, October 14, 2009

WED and We Made It a Good Day

Hi On a Sleepy Wed.

Nope we did not sleep all day this time. It was though a grey day, no sun, and dreary. I guess they predict more normal temps in the 60's on the weekend. I sure hope they are correct.

EMMA had a long long bus ride today. The car ride to counseling is 20 min or more depending on traffic. Metro Mobility takes us by mini bus. Sometimes they do not have other riders so we go right home. Other busy days it is more likely that we pick up and drop off passengers on the ride home. It is a shared ride service like traditional busing.

THE DOWN SIDE for Emma was the long ride. Most drivers insist she be on the floor. She does so willingly but she is spoiled and prefers a seat in any vehicle at all. So today she was on the floor. The trip grew longer as we waited for traffic, passengers to be ready. She was a trooper. I thought I got to see more of the north side of the metro. Changes in the area as it grows etc.

THE UP SIDE. One of the passengers need to fit in both a scooter and walker. I used a cane today. I think I am going to have to use my walker more though. It got so crowded for Emma that she could not stay behind the safty line of the aisle. TA DAH the driver gave her permission to be in the seat next to me. YEP she wants the window side and gets it. She looks so darn proud there viewing the world.

OTHER PLUSES - The ride is door to door. Greg always drops me off on Wed so that is a plus. By the time we are done it is easier to get a ride. You reserve them 4 days in advance. This time I was a day late so we had to wait at the office for the driver to come but yeah yeah he was early and also they had good magazines. I don't subscribe or buy magazines so viewing them while I wait is okay for me.

WE MET ANOTHER PERSON WITH MS - she was so lovely to chat with. We discussed the activities we do to cope. She was interested in MS Camp so I told her about it. She also does not drive due to MS so we discussed strategies for coping with that emotionally and practically. You never know when you will meet someone with MS and be able to share support.

We came home to have lunch and nap. I finally got up and we have banana bread in the oven. I sometimes thinks it smells even better than it tastes. I eat a lot of bananas so sometimes we have extras. It's so easy to make. I don't bake a lot anymore.

So today we really worked on positive attitude. MS spasms might wake me at night but gosh I can nap. I had metro mobility and the nicest driver to escort me today. I met someone I might see again at MS gatherings. It was a darn good day.

Hope you have a darn good day --- Mary and Emma

Prayers to those struggling with the colds and flu going around. MN has been hit hard the news said this week. I think this is true in a lot of areas. Several of my adult children are still sick.

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