Friday, October 2, 2009

Exercising with the Dog

I found a cute slide show on Web Md. Follow this link and click on exercising with dogs.

It has been days since Emma and I could go for a walk outside due to wind and then rain. It is so wet the past four days she hasn't wanted to be outside much. Hopefully we will take her to a store today or tomorrow to get some more walking in.
I wish I could "walk" her but with my scooter I accomplish the same thing. I am so happy to be outside playing with her on good days - even in the snow. She loves the snow.

Leaves are falling and I hope during the dry days she will get to have her fun in the leaves. She just loves that. Today we are cozy indoors, doing a few chores and not expecting to go anywhere at all. Bummer I left the book I am reading in Greg's van it would be a good day to get some reading accomplished. fun too.

It seems like Fridays are when i get calls done for personal business and gosh this time of year people tend to take that day off for a long weekend. Usually it is a good time to look at changing leaves, go up the north shore (I have a friend there Brr) etc before it gets cold for winter. Glad for them to get the day off but frustrating when I want to reach them.

I am anticipating a quiet weekend. Next weekend will be busy Fri-Sunday due to a wedding and Sunday a big celebration at Greg's work...a reunion of the student peer leaders who have worked with him.

Well be creative in your exercise with your dog. But plan water for both the pet and you.

Have a great weekend

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