Friday, October 16, 2009

Have A Positively Good Day

Things that never end....

House work
Yard Clean Up

Trying to get some things accomplished the next few days with lots of help from my husband. And Emma too.

Fun things we go to the Ordway tonight to see Little House on the Prairie. Also as a treat stopping for dinner somewhere not too expensive. The tickets were a gift. Emma has been to the Ordway before. I need to check these seats to see if I am bringing her or not. Some places seem so crowded for her. Her behavior would be fine of course.

Good things that I want to think about today

Emma's loyalty and enthusiasm
Love of family and friends
The fun of a date night with my husband
The joy of being a mother, grandmother, wife, sister, aunt etc
The fun of sharing the day no matter what happens with Emma
The fun of blogging and my appreciation for the readers
People I have met through Helping Paws and the blog too

Hope you can think of the positive and have a good day...Mary and Emma

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