Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Happy Wednesday

Tuesday was beautiful and sunny. We were outside several times and also went to water exercise. Emma was in a great mood and so fun to be with. Of course, I can say that every day!!!!!!!

Today, Wed, we are home after my counseling appt. The weather isn't bad but it is overcast so feels dreary. I need a nap and we have some quiet chores (sorting paperwork) to take care of. Nothing real exciting today.

Emma is loving crunching in the leaves that need so badly to be raked up. More leaves to fall and eventually it will get done.
In the meantime Emma is happy!!!

Emma was such a helper yesterday picking up the house. She likes to pick up anything - newspaper, a towel I dropped, a toy, just anything. She also is more excited to chase her toys and fetch and bring to me. A good old ball is wonderful or a toy of some type of hers. She is so helpful. I think picking up keys intriques her the most maybe due to the noise (is it intrigues) and it is not often she has to pick them up. Recycled items also delight her. I accidentally knocked over a bag with some plastic bottles and cans and she just had the best time picking up for me.

She is also good for my spirits. cuddling her, going for walks (which we hope to do again today with my scooter) all those things are good for both of us.

I feel kind of lazy so may read a book part of the day.

We wish you a good day. We want more sunshine!!!!!!!!!!!

Take care. Mary and Emma

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