Wednesday, October 21, 2009

mellow Emma

A rainy cloudy day and Emma is happy to be home and resting.
She is very tired, and not much activity.
Okay I even opened the refrigerator and she didn't go to see what was going on!!!!!!!!!!!
Normally she is hoping for cheese which I use when we train sometimes.

The vet clinic called to check on her. All is going fine.
they had me give her a med for pain today so that adds to her fatigue I think.
They did want her to rest and take it easy today.
That is why I made no plans for the day.

Emma is happy though.
I took a nap of course and she snuggled right up with me.
She is enjoying being petted.

The vet did not want her playing outside today
But it is raining anyway.
She only wants to go potty and come in when it is like this.

I fluffed up the pillow/bed she uses in the living room.
I have a pillow on the love seat.
In the bed we have "her" pillow too.
She seems to like having a pillow under her chin.

I am having some dental pain waiting to get in for work to be done.
So I am even more sympathetic as mine is mild.
I guess they think by tomorrow she should be just fine.
She is so glad to be home I think.

We go to New Hope Animal Hospital and am happy with the care.
We receive a 20% discount because she is a service dog.
Also the entire amount was $100 less than the estimate
because she did not require as much work .
He said they like to estimate high and they did explain all things thoroughly to me.
They had me give permission for various procedures but also called me during the day.
I am pleased this is done.

Gingivitis was the only need and we will be brushing daily once her mouth isn't tender.

Greg is home today due to medical tests (I mean home after the test) that seems nice.
Mike came to see us today. That was enjoyable.

Take care now,

Sleepy Emma and Mary

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