Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I heard the new graduates will be taking their dogs home tonight. They do that during training so you can ask questions as you get use to being a team.

I remember that day.

Dear Emma,

I was so nervous the day I took you home.
I didn't see Judy and I am sure it was an emotional day for her.
She left your bed, favorite toys etc to take with you.

I was happy and scared.
So worried to take you from a family that loved you.
So thrilled to start our life together.
Nervous about if I could handle your needs and emotional needs too.
It was mid Oct and I was so nervous I thought I would throw up.
But also excited.

You came home and were so curious about the house.
We all sat in a circle staring at you.
You had a favorite toy from Judy and kept bringing the ball
From one person to another
At first I was suppose to be the sole person playing with you
Gosh that confused you
It was obvious you grew up with children/teens

I can't believe what has happened since that night
You were very good
You slept by the bed in your own bed

Now you sleep right on the bed with me
Most nights
We are comfortable together
We are a team

I wish I could tell the new graduates
Not to be so nervous
It takes time
But gently day after day
week after week
month after month
year after year
the relationship grows...

now here you are Emma
Such and important relationship in my daily life
We have such fun together
We snuggle together
We sleep together
We are ssuch buddies

Thank you Emma
Thank you for helping me through that first night
and so many more
You are adorable, funny, helpful, and such a bright spot in my life.

I love you............Mary

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