Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Price less Emma


Wow am i tired today. We did go to water exercise. I was all ready and fell asleep in the chair waiting for my ride. That is unusual for me to fall asleep in a chair. After water exercise I enjoyed lunch with Jan and then we had a short (for me) nap. My son is picking me up. Then the whole gang is going out to dinner - going dutch. I am always excited to go out with them and this should be fun.

My house got cleaned today so you know I enjoy that also. We work with MaidPro but have the same woman every time and she does an awesome job. It means so much to me that she gives it some TLC also when she comes. I need all the help I can get ha ha.

I hope to take some pictures in the next few days to brighten up the blog. Emma is doing just great. She is so cuddly, so attentive, and just such a dear in my life. I can't imagine one day without her. She is just wonderful.

Did i tell you this? A man came up to me after I was out to eat. I was outside waiting for a ride and he said how much would I take for the dog? At first I thought he was kidding. I still am not sure. But then he said, really I have a lot of money - how much would you really sell her for????? EMMA??? I told him to train a dog like this is 15,000 or more. I said Emma was priceless and that a million would not be enough for her. He said I kind of thought you would say that....but honest I meant it. I will mourn forever when I loose Emma. I still miss my pet dog.

But "EMMA" is something no pet dog could be in my life. With me all the time - helping me so much. I know her facial expressions, her body language, her schedule, and she knows me so well too. Greg says he can tell if I don't feel well or am anxious by Emma's concern for me and actions. She is priceless for sure...

Now I don't mean to say my pet dog wasn't important to me and loved to. Boomer was a great dog for me. He also liked being my companion and died too young of a rare disease for his breed. But just imagine how much more time I get to be with Emma, how much she does for me emotionally in all scenarios and how helpful. both dogs helped me face my change in abilities and disease...

Priceless - both dogs priceless in my eyes. I bet you would say that about your dog or cat also. Thank God for these wonderful companions.

Wishing you a good day Mary and Emma

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