Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My Special Girls

This picture shows last week when one evening we enjoyed having both Rosa and Sophia to babysit. Rosa is trying to distract Sophia from her reading. Sophia is a superb reader and loves it. They both had a fun night and so did we.

Today Emma and I spent time outside several times before going to water exercise. Last week there she had to drop/lay in an unfamilar spot and today the exact spot she likes the best. It is kind of in a doorway and I think feels good to her by the lifegaurd's desk and not far from there chair. She was great.

We did go to lunch at a local place with a special. Judy was finally back after her MS attack. She had lunch one other time but first time in the pool for 7 weeks or so. We kept reminding her to take it slow and easy.

I would like to go out to do a few errands, but as you might imagine Greg is just exhausted after a busy day today and a long weekend at work. He will take part of the day off tomorrow if all goes as planned.

My cell phone got dropped. Emma picked it up and now it won't work. I am surprised as I have dropped it before and nothing appears broken. But the keys won't work, we charged it and it just won't work. Yuck. Emma was so gentle with it that I don't think it was her fault at all.

Helping Paws has there big dinner this Saturday and we are sorry to say we will miss it. Hope lots of you go and enjoy it.

Emma and I are ready to go outside again. She and I only took a short nap. A nice day outside and in fall you really have to enjoy them......................

Mary and Emma

Will try to get some photos of Emma

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