Thursday, September 3, 2009

PLEASE don't Pet while working

Yesterday was busy. We had three medical appointments, a nap, and then the granddaughters came over. took them home to get pj's on and read stories. They are so darling to us...

I am applying to get an insulin pump to better control my diabetes. I have to apply and my doctor writes a letter and then we see what part insurance will approve.

Lately I have had such trouble with people wanting to pet Emma. Once in awhile it works for me but gosh my pet peeve is people who reach down and pet her while saying "I know you shouldn't pet them but is it okay"...while they are already petting her. Some people move so fast I don't get to say no she is working. Greg even noticed it so much yesterday and we both were so irritated...ugh. Some days go better than others.

Today we have water exercise. Greg works late so we will nap and hopefully work on a few chores including laundry.

We will not be going to the Tail Waggin Dinner for helping paws due to a family schedule conflict. I will miss it but get there next year.

Better go get ready...Mary and Emma

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