Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Funny Faced Emma

After many days around 80 it was 70 (I think) today. Emma and I enjoyed the temps and we also had some rain last night. She loves when i say "do you want to go outside?" I know the body language, including facial expression, that means "What are you waiting for - yes".

At water exercise some of the individuals got out of the pool a bit early (10-5 min). I rarely get out early. There aren't enough private locker rooms in the family/handicap locker room to all have a room if we all leave at the same time! Emma has a specific facial expression, and position as she lays in a drop position. this time she looks inquisitive as if to say "are YOU leaving yet?"

All I have to do is verbally say to her "Emma it's okay, I am not done yet". She relaxes and settles back in. She and I know how to communicate in most situations I think. When it is time to go I say "hi Emma, stand Emma, get the towel (she is laying on) and "time to go". Most time the cane is leaning against the wall so no need for her to retrieve it.

At home my favorite is "nap time Emma-go" and she runs down the hall to my room/ and bed. If I want her to she will wait for me it is all in how I present it. I love feeling her body snuggled up next to me.

In the morning she nudges me. My answer might be "it is not time yet" and then she goes back to sleep (normally). She eats at 7 am and today it was 6:59 when she woke me. I said "Okay let's go eat". I would love to have a picture of how excited she was to not have to wait. She flew out of bed. she waited at the door for me and walked to the kitchen. She was one happy dog.

When we are outside she is so inquisitive. She likes to sniff around and if there is a squirrel or bunny to chase all the better. No she never catches them. They know where to run to get out of the fenced yard. I can say get your "ball" or "toy" and she will bring something to play with. She has a look of sheer pride when she catches or retrieves the ball or toy. She is just so much fun.

She also can be very funny. You can talk and she will raise one eyebrow and then the other as if it is so interesting to listen. It makes us laugh and then she will do it more. Maybe if i was really a great photographer i could capture it in film.

Does this present a picture in words about how wonderful it is to have Emma as part of my life - 24 hours a day. She is just great to be with. I love her so much. She is just the best.

Thank you Judy and family
Thank you Helping Paws Staff
Thank you to Volunteers and Financial Supporters of Helping Paws

Where would I be without my awesome dog Emma.

Mary and Emma

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