Monday, September 21, 2009

A Good Day


Emma did not get sick or anything from the banana bread yeah. It also happened to be the day to purchase more dog food.
We went to the movie "Love Happens" with Greg late afternoon and enjoyed it. Emma was perfect even though we did not feed her and she ate two hours late. Normally that meal time rarely varies.

Emma sure enjoys time outside. Oops I am behind in watering flowers (this month is dry) and it show in my garden. She and I will tend to it tomorrow. We did get outside, play catch, and enjoyed time with Greg.

I went to the family dr and my breathing sounded better - yeah for that. I am not as sore but the chest wall is still inflamed. So I will do activities as tolerated and take anti inflamatory drugs as needed. He talked about what to watch for as this may be chronic and when to get help in dealing with it. Like all people i still have to watch for heart symptoms (runs in my family) or breathing problems. We see the lung specialist on Thursday.

Tuesday we plan on water exercise though i will have to take it gentle. I likely can do a bit more than last week I think but will be careful.

Emma is so delightful. The change of seasons (summer weather but leaves falling) bring about smells and fun exploring. She loves rustling through the leaves...we still have a bunch more to fall. She add so much joy to my life.

Wishing you a good day...Mary and Emma

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