Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Feeling Better

Dear Readers,

Thanks so much for the kind thoughts and emails and prayers.
They mean more to me than you could imagine.
I am finally feeling a little better.
I went out to get my hair cut which helps too.
Good for my morale.

Emma has been super and I will keep needing some rest.
Drs. okayed that I go to water exercise tomorrow
IF I feel okay and can handle the pain I still have
IF I only work on legs not arm exercises and if it doesn't make it worse
It will be good for me even if I walk some and float some and exercise my legs
It will be good to see my friends.
But it will depend on how the night goes and how I feel in the morning.

So one day at a time
Emma and I were outdoors (me just sitting) for long periods of time today
We both enjoyed it.
I still had to nap a lot but not as much as past days (yipee)

Off to bed...Emma will take off my socks, get me the blanket, pick up anything I drop on the way and then snuggle in with me. I just love my Emma. She is so good for me.

Mary and Emma

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