Thursday, September 17, 2009

from Emma

Hi from Emma

We went to water exercise though Mary couldn't do too much
Just exercise her legs mostly walking and some marching gently
Then light things - nothing with the arms.

Then we slept for a long long time
Some time outdoors, a bit of tv

We have tickets for almost the whole family to go to the Twins Fri night
Our last time to see them at the Dome
They have a new outdoor stadium coming next year
Mary will go if she feels okay
We will see how she feels

I am glad to see her better
Also I kind of "snuggled" with her Judy!!!
Yesterday I really did it!!!!!!!
Then I got so excited at her praise
I did my puppy scoot/dance
JUDY knows what I mean
We have our own way of hugging
Then I dance

At night I like to wrap my paw around her arm
Greg says it is amazing
I do it at nap time often too
Somehow I always like to be as close to her as I can
Do you know it has almost been 4 years?

We are a good team


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