Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day

Emma and I did a lot of work (for us) on Sunday. I work slow as a turtle. We do a little and rest and rest and do a bit...and that is a good day. Sunday we were outside a lot too. Our reward for the day numerous times. Emma and i both love the outdoors and as months pass we know we have to enjoy green grass before snow and cold come. Though Emma loves snow too.

Emma's ability to help with laundry was again a god sent. Thank you Judy and Helping Paws. She hands the laundry to me from the basket as I fold it. Again we (I) am slow so it takes so long but got done. We even got most of it put away. We had some towels, sheets, plus clothes so it took the whole day at our pace. We did sneak out for a short break with Jan which was a nice snack outdoors at a place near here.

Labor day and i am not moving as well as yesterday. That is n ormal. I watered plants at least. I have a little to pick up. I am not sure which of my kids are stopping over but most of the food is cooked and ready to reheat. Very easy for us. Greg made some ribs and hanburgers. He is working all day again today.

We are off to play outside again and take an early nap.

Mary and Emma - enjoy the holiday

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