Saturday, September 19, 2009

Emma Gets Tangled but is Fine - Human error

Twins won!!! Another exciting turn of events. We napped and missed part of the game but saw the last half.

We were home all day. Got some time outside, laundry folded (Emma helps take things out of the basket), put away items (Emma does not do that darn it), napped (Emma loves that) and I did some paperwork and read too.

Ended the day grocery shopping and dog food shopping. CUB is a big store so I make sure to get some extra walking in as Greg shops. I do part of the list with Emma and then we walk some laps while I use the scooter. It is a good exercise for her as we do the perimeter of the store and the aisles also. She is such a sweetie and seems to like it.

For the first time I needed to ask for help. For the first time I somehow got Emma list wound up in the wheel. I blame myself as in one place I didn't have her in the right place and almost hit her. I bumped the control. Well she moved (self defense) and somehow we got into a mess. A kind woman helped me just a bit which made it faster and easier to get Emma and I back under control. I use a bit longer leash so i should have been holding it to have it be shorter in the situation. Oh this is hard to explain.

We got home and had a nice rest of the evening. We had such a good day. Twins play again tomorrow and I hope to watch them beat Detroit again...this is exciting.

Bought some cooking items to make banana bread tomorrow too. Not sure we will do anything else since Greg has a very very long day at work.

Hope you are enjoying your weekend. Mary and Emma

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