Friday, September 4, 2009

Congratulations Tia

Friday -

It is a beautiful day Emma and I will enjoy being outside often. Our walk with the scooter will be very nice.

We are also going to a movie. The Time Traveler's Wife. I tried reading the book but though intirquing found it too complicated. I have heard the movie is good and hope it is. We seem to go in spurts. See a few movies and then not again for awhile. Many of My MS friends go to movies almost every week. I am so glad they invited us today.

It has been cooler nights and it is so funny. Emma really burrows down in the covers and at the foot of our bed. Her presence keeps us warmer too. Today she and I slept late after Greg went to work. How fortunate we are some days. I feel pretty good today which is good too. I am no longer taking one of my drugs for pain because I think it has caused increase appetite. So far I am doing okay and I think eating less too.

Labor Day Weekend and Emma and I have little planned. Greg is off only on Saturday. It is neat they go to various dorms as kids move in and hand out hotdogs and pop. They also provide information if they want it on the Catholic Students Association. I know when we moved our kids in a can of pop and hotdog would have been welcome sight.

My daughter in law Tia is going to be a Freshman at St. Catherine's university in nursing. We are so proud of her accomplishment. Getting accepted there is not easy. I graduated from there in 1977 and my daughter Becky went there. Yeah for Tia. Yes she is the Mommy of our two darling Granddaughters.

I went back for my MA when my children still played Barbie's. Barbie would tell Ken supper was in the oven and don't forget to give the kids baths!! Ha ha. I only took one class at a time usually while I did daycare too. Busy years but fun. I loved going to school. So proud of Tia

We are headed outside again. Have a lovely day and great (safe) weekend...Emma and mary

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