Friday, September 25, 2009

Rainy Day

Emma's bladder is strong.
She hates going out to go to the bathroom in the rain.
She went early this am but since then just turns around and comes back in.
We went out for just a little under two hours today.
She did good.

I fell in the shower and boy am I sore.
Normally I don't take a shower while alone in the house.
I had such a hard time getting up.
Nothing broken - must have good bones.
But very sore.
Back to the rule to have Greg here when I shower.
Then if I feel shakey, dizzy, etc he is there to help me.

Watching closely the Twins - hope they win tonight.
Emma likes snuggling while we walk.

Dropped the leash while going to the car
and Emma did such a good job of waiting for me
to get my purse I dropped also
A clumsy day I guess

We could use more rain but we will see.

Happy Weekend to you all. Mary

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