Monday, May 18, 2009

Up at 2 am??

Sometimes my worries seem to heavy - have too much on my plate - can't get things off my mind.

I am up and it is almost 2 am because I just can't clear my mind and sleep. Guess who is at my side? Yep wonderful Emma.

I don't think they "trained her" to be up at 2 am with her partner but she knows when I need moral support.

Earlier tonight I fell and was hurt a bit. Emma came to my rescue. She braced herself and I crawled to get up after resting a bit to get myself going again. Greg was not available so she could not get help. Thanks for that Emma. Not good for my back but I am mostly okay thank goodness.

I hope to see again if I can sleep...tomorrow all I have is water exercise I think.

Please pray for my friend Joni's family - her Dad died last evening...he was older and in hospice but it is never easy to loose a parent. Today is my mom's birthday. I miss her.

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