Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

Memorial Day and thanks to the Veterans who have served or are serving in the armed forces for us.

We started the day out resting. I was tired from a busy Sat and Sunday. We even slept late and still took an early afternoon nap. Emma didn't seem to mind at all. Last night our friends son really liked being outdoors with Emma so she got extra exercise. She looked so tired when everyone left last night. We had such a good time with our children and our friends Deb and Tim and their boys. We missed Sophia who is in Puerto Rico visiting her Great Grandmother but otherwise had a great time.

Rosa was here a part of Saturday while Mike helped his Dad and Sunday. She was in a wonderful mood both days. She is so darn cute. She loves hugging Emma and Emma likes it also. Sunday they brought their dog Lily too. The whole day went so well.

Today Emma got some walking in when we went to Home Depot and Target. Then we spent more time outdoors planting and weeding. i watch more than I help but am happy to say I did get some things planted. Greg worked hard mowing while I slept today and other things on the yard. We are pleased at how it looks. It is so dry here that we need rain badly. Good thing we put the sprinkler on though as the rain predicted for tonight is going to miss us...please rain please.

Emma is enjoying getting outside so much but also happy with the nap times. She practically races to the bed and fluffs the comforter just so and lays down peacefully and happily. One of the hotter days of the week I went in to find her already sprawled out on the bed right in front of the fan. It was so cute and she looked so comfortable.

Emma is also such a good companion. I love having her in my home and so does Greg. Emma just enriches our life. We laugh and smile at how cute she is and give her so much attention. When I sleep in Greg will offer to get up, feed her, and take her outside to play. He doesn't mind at all though of course I could move my bones and do it myself too. I think he likes that time with Emma.

Emma knows who is boss though. She climbs into bed and sleeps right by me or on the floor near me. She likes if I sit on the couch and will sit right by me there also. She is so focused on me and my needs. I really appreciate her presence in my life. NO new news to those of you who read this often,

I am going to take her outside again now. She likes routine and so do I. Hope you had a good Holiday Weekend. I didn't get many photos taken as we were just busy, serving food, visiting with my children and friends too...yeah for a great weekend.

Mary and Emma

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