Thursday, May 28, 2009

Thinking of YOU

Suzan and Logan live in Maine (see below). Emma is thrilled with just a fenced in yard. I do have a kiddie pool for her but she never seems to want to go in. We don't have a cabin or friend's cabin to go to but I bet she would swim in that environment.

Sometimes I meet such nice people with Emma. She stirs up conversation. Today we went to the YMCA early because Greg gave me a ride and went to work (normally a friend who goes to swimming also drives us). We had time to chat with a few employees who were on break. People love to hear what she does for me and the story about how Judy trained her and I taught her children.

This afternoon we met Jan at a Caribou Coffee and we met and interesting couple there also. They have their own lab and were so interested in all her skills. Then we went to school with Jan, met some of her coworkers, and helped in the classroom (after the kids had gone home). there are so many tasks for teachers at the end of t he year. You have to pack up your room to some degree for summer cleaning and at the same time have some papers run off and filed for the first week of school. I filed Math tests and practice sheets among other tasks. I miss teaching but it reminded me of how much work it is. Teachers should be paid more for all they do.

Then Emma and I had to sleep a few hours. Now it is a nice evening. Won't be long till we head to bed around 9 pm our time. I have physical therapy in the morning on Friday. A friend is driving us.

It was warmer today but not uncomfortable. Emma and I had a good day. Yeah for sunshine!!
Hope you have a good day on Friday. TGIF

Mary and Emma

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