Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Campers at MS Camp

In Appreciation of the Campers at MS Camp

Hi, do you have MS?
You must as you are here with me.
Oh I see a cane, Lawrence and Jo Jo wheel chairs (at the cookout)
Tonya and Penny use scooters as do I
Do you sometime loose your balance when you walk
Do you have limited use of your hands or legs
Are cognitive things harder for you
Like do you say the wrong word or can't find the word you are searching for
Maybe you need help eatling or dressing
Do you walk with a limp
These and other frustrations and limitations can be part of MS
You have MS and so do I

I don't see your MS really
I see friends
I feel normal here
Able bodied people would be the odd ones here ha ha
I see support as you help me with a chair or I help you hold something
I feel support when you hold my hand at the campfire
Or when I am alone at free time and you stop to talk with me about my Emma
I feel happy when we gather in the cabin and laugh about MS
Laugh about life

I feel awestruck when Lawrence (above) can sing so beautifully at the sing a long
when talking is tough for him
The music moves me
Meeting Lawrence moves me as I am struck by his kindness and gentle manner
Jo Jo is also so upbeat

Tonya is my roomate (above red hair)
We are friends so I see her outside of camp as she faces life and its ups and downs
At camp we can be silly - act like school girls - whisper even after lights out
Penny is a cabin mate (above dark hair)
I met her last year, this year I am able to spend more time with her
I like her sense of humor, her thoughts on life

Campers become friemds
Sometimes we need to talkl about MS and receive such support
Other times we need to forget we have MS and that is so much support
The giggles
The words of advice
The sharing activities
The shared meals and conversation
The shared free time..
Every day is such fun
Every hour brings interesting thoughts or experiences
Every minute is treasured

I want to capture what camp means to me
but it is difficult to do
I can merely touch on some of the reasons I like it
but it touches my heart/ and spirit so deeply
It strengthens and renews me as I come home to face the challenges of MS is my life
It enriches my life
You enrich my life by just being there

Do you have MS?
I do too
I thank you for being you
For sharing a precious week of camp with me..

Emma too


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