Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Pictures from Camp the 1st Day

When we got to camp Emma went right into the room where we have slept the past two years. Maybe three? I layed her blanket in the same spot and we had the same bed! Tonya was there and I said "release" and let Emma be petted even with her jacket on. Then I say okay all done and Emma is back at my side. She follows this cue well. It works for us.

The other picture is the campfire. I don't know if on your computer it is big enough to see some of my MS friends. Yes wheelchairs, scooters, walkers and a few with canes are everwhere. Many people like me use scooters to conserve energy and also because it just would be too much walking. This is the first evening and a fun time to greet everyone you knew from the past and greet new comers also.

The first time at camp it is challenging for most to see how impaired some people can be with this disease. There is always someone worse than you and it can be scary. On return trips you find some of the people are worse with the disease and some are about the same. I have one friend who is not going to camp now and claims it is because it is tough to see those she knows get worse (usually a few have died of MS or other problems and MS). I have gone enough that it is easier for me now. I am quick to greet those of all abilities. In activities there are small groups of people of all ability levels and we usually introduce ourselves and talk as we do things. Then when we see one another outdoors, at meals, we talk again.

Camp is inspiring also. I see people of various abilities coping. We talk informally about various areas of life. Sometimes about MS and sometimes other things. We share laughs, sometimes tears, hugs, and smiles. It is just an awesome place.

My prayers are ones of gratitude for those who help support both the MS Society and Camp Courage. For the staff, volunteers, nurses, and fellow campers.

Doesn't Emma look like she is smiling in the picture? More pictures to come on upcoming days.

Have a good day, Mary and Emma

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