Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Still Sleepy?

Saturday is a big fund raiser for Helping Paws. Best Wishes to all who are participating!!! The Wag Walk and Run should be very successful. I am hoping for good weather!!!

We are still on the tired side today. Our big event was going to water exercise and then home for a nap. We did stop to sign up for a boat cruise sign up with the Maple Grove Park and Rec in August. Some of our book club members will be going. Should be fun. Thanks to Kathy for the ride and then home. We played outside and took such a big nap. I am kind of dull some days.
Emma seemed as willing to nap as I was however.

I wanted to take her for a walk with my scooter tonight but it looks like it could rain any second. I promised her an extra long outing tomorrow.

With MS even fun things take so much out of me. I did work hard in water exercise too and that is tiring. Didn't get much of any chores done around here today. Hope it rains as my flowers need it.

Will write more tomorrow. Sorry if this is boring...Mary and Emma

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