Monday, May 18, 2009

A First for EMMA

Book club went fine and we had a nice lunch. Then without prior planning we decided to go to the movie Angels and Demons.
In the middle some one had to go the bathroom - nope not me. It required a walk outdoors. That has never happened before. It was a long movie and prior to the movie I was surprised she would not go potty for me. So out we trotted. When we came in I sat in an row where no one was sitting rather than climb over my friends. Good thing again for the first time ever - Emma was restless. I am slow thinking sometimes. When we got home she drank so much water.

At book club she had water but it is a warm day. She will be glad that I am taking her outside with water and time to play in the yard.

The movie is action packed. I am Catholic and was not offended. It is fiction and that seemed very evident to me. Emma and I are going to take a very late nap for awhile or go to bed early.

Emma is such a good dog. She stood up and wouldn't lay down in the midddle of the movie. My cue that something is up. When I asked "do you have to go outside?" I know her look to tell me nonverbally that is the need.

Wishing you a good day...Mary and Emma

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