Friday, May 22, 2009

Tonight we are thinking of Sophia (now age 9) who is in Puerto Rico Visiting her Great Grandmother. This photo is at her Mom (Tia) and my son (Mike) wedding. How the years have flown by...hope she is having fun and safe travels.
We will miss her when we have a family gathering Sunday but so happy she has this opportunity. She is with her Daddy and Step Mom for a fun family trip.

Today we had physical therapy. Then we did a few errands with a friend (who drove me of course) and out to lunch. Her treat so that was a treat. We even stopped and picked up two hanging plants for my yard. Now we need some rain. It is much to dry. I don't know the forecast and sure don't wish to have rainy days but some rain at night wouldn't be all bad.

Emma sure got tired today and is napping away. It was a bit hot where we looked for flowers (in the sun) so we both welcomed a nap. I am going to take her out now again. She was so very good for me - no surprise.

At physical therapy the staff think she is so affectionate with me and I to her. She likes to put her head in my lap and I pet her as we wait. I talk to her so much too. She is my honey and I love her so much. At swimming Thursday she got upset. No noise but she was sitting (not staying in the drop position) and had weird body language. So I hopped out of the pool to go to her.

I held her and asked what was wrong. We had used a different leash that is a bit shorter than my normal one. I hook the handle end to a hook on the wall. I think she felt constricted. So I took the leash off the hook knowing she would stay put. Sure enough i was correct. She was reassured and laid on her towel the rest of the time. Even when concerned she has never moved from the towel at swimming. She just sits and looks to me like she is saying "I need you" on the few times she has had a need. She is so good.

I did meet a lady at Home Depot that was working there. She gets her face in Emma's space and goes Arf Arf!!! I said she is working and I don't want her to make any noise. Then she does it again. Emma and I moved away but I thought how rude.
I am glad all other help we dealt with were most appropriate...most times are experiences are very good.

I better get her outside...wishing you a good weekend. I plan to write each day but tomorrow is busy so we will see how it travels and enjoy family and friends...we will be home but have family and friends coming over Sat and Sunday for sure. Monday might be quiet.

Mary and Emma
(Isn't Tia just the prettiest bride?)

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