Saturday, May 2, 2009

2 days till MS Camp

I am packing and smiling - in between taking Emma outside. It is sunny and 60 degrees here and should be from 60-70 degrees at camp all week. Hope the predictions are right. Chances of rain but mostly sunny. Gosh I hope we have a nice week. though we can cope with a little rain if we need to do so.

I am finding not everything fits in one suitcase. I am pretty sure that in the past I have had to bring a small case too for meds, extra wash cloths, toiletries, depends and so on. I mention depends because those of you with MS if you reach the point where you need them it is not so bad to deal with. But they are bulky to pack ha ha. Also packing food for Emma, her brush, her dishes, etc

The bummer is we are having trouble with my scooter. I can't imagine camp without it. They do have gold carts to shuttle those without scooters but it is so fun to go around the camp on the scooter. I might have to see if Tonya would let me use hers to walk Emma twice a day? Greg feels bad we didn't get the scooter out of storage earlier to make sure it worked. It is too late to ask for one from the MS Society they will all be taken. I am really really bummed about this. But I am not going to let it spoil camp for me.

Greg works all day today and tomorrow. We are going to the movie Earth tomorrow with a friend. That is good as I am almost all packed for camp today. Maybe if Greg gets home a bit earlier than planned he can get the scooter working...bummer

Take good care and have a good weekend. It is windy here. Mary and Emma

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