Thursday, May 21, 2009

A Busy Spring Day

We had water exercise, a rest, hair cut for me, shopping for graduation cards, and
Emma got a nail trim and food and treats. Then the meat market and dry cleaner.
Good thing Greg got to take off work a few hours early today.

Emma got new tags too. I realized on the one we listed our home phone number...but if she got out I would be out looking so put my cell phone on it now. This happened to my friend at swimming so glad she shared the tip. Emma is so good when they do her nails if she is with Greg. If with me she clings to me and gets more upset we found out. So I go into the store and shop while they do her nails. Funny she came back to me like she had been away for hours (it was maybe 5 min tops). I love my Emma.

We are headed outside again. Today we got to visit with my neighbor who is a snow bird. Fun to catch up on the news on what is going on with her. We are going to bed early. I am so tired tonight though it was a good day.

Tomorrow we have physical therapy and a friend is taking us to lunch then home for a nap. Hope you have a good day. WE wanted to send a picture of my blossoming crab apple tree but the wind took the blossoms so quickly - rats.

If you travel for Memorial day safe travels. We will be home and I will see if I can think of some cute pictures to take of Emma. Our kids might come one day for Barbecue Ribs but not sure which day yet.

Wishing you a good day - Emma is anxious for me to play with her outside. The weather is much cooler today.

Mary and Emma

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