Sunday, May 3, 2009

One Day Till MS Camp

Today is a gorgeous sunny day. I just came in from being outside with Emma. We played a bit but she and I both also enjoyed just sitting in the sun. The warmth felt good to us both.

I am packed for camp except for a few last minute things. Emma's food is measured out for each meal and ready. I need to add some treats - Charlie Bears and Puppy size Milk Bones (small and I break in half) so she has lower cal treats for reinforcement and few extra calories.

The scooter appears to be fixed. We are headed out to test it. I am so happy. Maybe I should hold my enthusiasm till after we try it out. Greg isn't home he is working so I won't go far. No one to call if I have to walk home or have other problems. I hope this day goes fast. Normally Camp starts on Sunday and I would be all set to go...but due to budget concerns I think it starts a day later...I am glad they are having camp so won't complain at all. Today would be a perfect day to go weather wise but with Greg's work schedule tomorrow is better. He will take me and then go to work. There parish spring picnic is tomorrow - a pig roast and he has a lot of work on that day. They get lots of students to come and parishioners too. He had to do some juggling to be able to take me but he will.

My suitcase is stuffed to the max as I bring some clothes for both cool and warmer weather. I am still worried about what I have for the cooler nights and if we get a cooler rainy day. Emma's things are all ready. She sleeps so close to me normally that she never seems to mind sharing a single bed. At night she will help me feel warmer. I do have to remind her sometimes that I too get to sleep in that bed at camp...ha ha.

We better go test out the scooter. The batteries should be charged by now. More later....Mary and Emma

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Logan said...

Hope the scooter is running smoothly. Have a great time at camp!