Sunday, May 3, 2009

Excited for Camp

It is less than one hour to midnight. I am awake due to a long nap late in the day (after the movie) and also Greg will be home soon. He has a crazy schedule at the church as the last service was at 9 and they had to do some things in the church after that was over. I think I also am awake because I am so excited.

I just took Emma outside and the weather is still pretty mild. UGH the week looks like we could get a lot of rainy days at camp. NO amount of rain will keep us from having a good time though. I did this year sign up for some outdoor activities but they will have plan B if they get rained out. Seeing the people is the most fun, giggling in our bedroom at night, the free time activities, so many things plus planned activities will keep us we will be okay I keep telling myself.

We enjoyed the movie Earth and I highly recommend it. If you like that type of movie you will want to see it on the big screen the photography is wonderful. We enjoyed it.

Greg should be home any minute. Emma and I are ready for bed. We relaxed and watched some tv tonight..she must have gotten tired being outside more with me as she snored away part of the night.

REMEMBER we will be at camp this week...Mary and Emma wish you a good week.

Congratulations to JUDY (Emma's foster mom) on the new puppy she will train for Helping Paws. I will let you know when I know the name and maybe can get her to send me a photo.

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