Sunday, May 17, 2009

More About Camp Activities

The top picture below is Jeannie the camp director with me. I had just taken a nap so I look pretty sleepy I think. We had a fun chat with Jeannie despite how busy she is at camp. She runs two camps May and June besides many other aspects of her job including visiting nursing homes and planning activities there for people with MS. Imagine the work though of organizing a camp of about 200 of various abilities. They set up before we get there but the last day I saw the semis that came in to take organized containers from the various activities, medical equipment including hoyer lifts, extra scooters they bring for campers and golf carts they use for the head volunteers. It is amazing how much they have to take home and organize. All so people like me can have a week by the lake, enjoying nature and activities...but mostly enjoying being with others with MS who offer laughter, support, tips on dealing with MS, and friendship.

Here are the last of my camp photos - the cooking class - weaving baskets - making bird houses - and Emma patiently under the table. The bird house activity had lots of pounding of hammers. The volunteer precuts and color codes all pieces for us. Then helps if you need it. Everyone was amazed that even with all the noise Emma was wonderful -- I am so proud of her.

It is a beautiful Sunday - sunny and in the 60's we are headed outside. Later we are going to plant both flowers and seeds.
Hope you like the photos. I like having a digital camera.

Mary and Emma wish you a good day...Mary

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