Sunday, May 31, 2009


The weather has been beautiful but I am moving slow this weekend. Plans changed yesterday due to me not feeling well and I was in bed most the day. Today is a little better. I took Emma for a walk in the scooter and we got charged by a dog feeling very protective I think. His very big back yard backs up to a nature trail/bike path and pond taken care of by park board. Emma did not bark at all but he was running up and barking. I was surprised but his owners yelled from a distance he had an invisible fence and gosh did it work. They still had the flags up marking where it was located. So we all managed fine.

We sat outside awhile before our nap. I woke up to hearing children laughing at the neighbors. Looks like they are having a birthday party. Greg has been working hard on the yard and garden. He is putting up the Butterfly House that I made at camp a few years ago. We planted what we hope will be a butterfly garden.

We are headed back outside and then I have to muster energy to do some laundry and just a few dishes. Can't get my chores done laying in bed all the is so frustrating when I don't feel well.

Can't complain about the weather today though. It is very pretty out and a good breeze. Sunny for my plants. We could use rain though. We need a good soaking.

Emma is having a good day. She likes the back yard for running and moving freely but doesn't mind the front yard when I sit out there either. We were keeping Greg company while he worked away. Then I have her on leash.

Tonight I have to call the woman I mentor who has MS. That is always pleasant. Better stop writing and see if I can accomplish something if I do a little at a time.

Mary and Emma

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