Monday, May 11, 2009

More About Camp

Home all day and it seemed so quiet compared to camp. Among the activities we enjoyed at camp

- a campfire
- a cookout
- a talent show
- a sing a long
- gorgeous sunsets on the lake
- costume dance outside on a gorgeous night (no I can't dance but listen)
- wove a basket
- built a bird house
- went to a cooking demonstration and food was yummy
- tie dyed shirts for my granddaughters

- free time to visit with others
- free time to take Emma for walks in the woods (paved paths)
- long talks with roomates
- meeting new friends and trying to offer them support with MS
- talks about how we cope with MS
- time when we had such fun we forgot about the MS
- hanging outside on gorgeous days and just enjoying being with volunteers and campers and staff from MS Society
- afternoon naps so I could keep up with it all
- morning conversations with roomates as they sipped coffee and we tried to wake up
- late night talks with whispers and giggles at night with roomates
- snuggling with Emma
- letting Emma being on a loose leash and enjoy some smells in the woods
- hearing everyone notice how excellent Emma was in all those situations

It was such back to reality - chores, laundry but yeah tomorrow we have water excercise and that will be good for us.
I did miss Greg a lot and he missed us. HE said the house seemed so empty when he got home from work without Emma or myself. He didn't like sleeping alone or being alone...

Take good care. Thanks Eileen, Judy, Sue and all who helped in the training of Emma she is just an awesome dog. I was so darn proud of her and she was like glue to me. It was just much more fun because I have Emma with me. She is such a blessing in my life.

Hope your day goes well...Mary and Emma

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