Tuesday, November 25, 2008

When the load is too heavy...

Sometimes things are just the pits and seem so hard to deal with.

One of the readers emailed me. I don't have a means to track her email and send back as it was via the blogstream blog I think.
It was important i thought so I am mentioning it in both blogs.

Reality everyone I know with MS has times when it is so tough to deal with.
One of the big problems of chronic illness is finances.
Insurance does not cover all the needs.
Many of us are unable to work or work on a very limited basis.
As the economy struggles this fact seems tough to deal with.
Money issues strain relationships.

I don't have great answers. For people with MS you might want to contact the MS Society. They have wonderful social workers who might be able to help you by listening, and by seeing if they have or know of any programs short or long term that might help you out. Calling them would be a good first step. They may know options. Also talking to them may help you understand that the problems you have are common with MS.

I have not been shy about indicating that one of Emma and my outings is to go to counseling. Fortunately I have insurance to cover my situation but some work on sliding scale. Again here the MS society might be able to help you out. I know it helps me cope.

Now all households are experiencing a bite in the budget due to economy. People are loosing jobs, fearful of loosing job, or the paycheck just doesn't cover the increased cost for food and other things.
That is not unique to people with MS.]

What I know is sometime I feel so guilty I can't work and bring in such limited income. On good days it might look like a MS person could work. The trouble is the cost you pay in your body. Fatigue is an issue. Employers want people they can count on all the time. That can be tough with the unpredicatability of MS. My doctor agrees that for many reasons I can't work and deal with MS.

If you decide to try to work be careful of the offers to work at home. I know MS people who have been scammed and out thousands of dollars because they thought an internet at home job was the answer. I did work a full year at home for a company but that was before my MS was like it is now. IT was great but it was legitimate. They did not ask me to invest any money at all, they had an office where I was trained, and a reputation. It was a start up company that went bankcrupt but helped me when my husband had cancer and surgery. I could work and be at home.

someone with MS once told me they had couple counseling. We do that also. We go montly. It helps us have a place to talk over things with someone trained present to help us sort through priorities, possible solutions. It has helped us out.

I guess whether you have MS or not reaching out to others is helpfully. You DON"T have to face it alone and sometimes it is impossible to find hope, creative solutions without help. Check with the MS society, inquire with your dr about a counselor, check with your church....don't try to handle it all alone. The load can be too heavy.

We have dear friends trying to avoid foreclosure due to loss of the husbands job. I know it is hard for them but they have accepted they might have to move into an apartment. With two teenage boys that sounds very hard to deal with. I think the one thing that keeps them going is a support group for the unemployed, their church and their friends.

I really feel the economic challenge this month. A 857 car bill, two crowns needed on my teeth were not expected. I think with costs on the rise just handling regular items in your budget are a challenge for most people right now. You are not alone

You are not alone so don't give up. It is not your fault if you cannot work or cannot find work. Try to believe things will improve. Reach out for help...I care.


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