Thursday, November 13, 2008

Emma on Duty

I forgot to mention here that Emma is on duty . I went to bed earlier than Greg last night. I could say to him "If you need me and I don't hear you - send Emma for me." and YES he did do just that. Emma is attentive to her name even if in the room with me. She got up I think because she heard Greg. He told her to go get Mary and she came to wake me. How does she do that. First she nuzzles me from the floor. Poking at my arm or side. Same technique she uses if she has to go out at night (rare event) but if as I wake up she really becomes more assertive and I knew she meant business.

Greg did need some help. Emma got a treat for being so alert and hard working. She is a great dog.

She has had to pick up more things than normal today for me and for Greg. She is so wonderful.

With it dark early we do not go outside as much in the evening hours. I am finding I have to play with her toys, we practice commands/cues (which she thinks is a game) and give her a lot of attention. She seems to need that at night. I think in the summer we are outside or go for walks (me in the scooter) in the evening. Or go outside to sit and visit with neighbors.

Yeah for Emma. Are you up to helping me with laundry tonight? (getting clothes out of the dryer, handing clothes to me one at a time from the basket as I am folding) or should we relax and wait till tomorrow? Oh how I wish she could also put it away ha ha.

Time for us to go outside again. We wish you a good day - Mary and Emma

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