Saturday, November 15, 2008

Emma and I seem to sleep a lot some days. Emma likes her "baby" and yes in the winter I often cover her up. What can I say?? Emma is my treasured companion and I want to make her comfortable. She is such a sweetheart in my life.

Today we went to breakfast with my sister, and Becky (bride to be) and oh that was really really enjoyable. We were home the rest of the day. I read a bit but did not get much done. We were tired today. I did a few little things around the house but not really very much at all. I am on a new medication schedule due to spacisity. I have been finding it almost impossible to stand at times. One morning I actually had to slide out of bed to the floor and crawl for awhile. I mention it not to complain but to tell fellow MS people it can happen. The medication baclophen is now taken in increased dose. The trouble for me was so much spasm I could not stand my legs were like in knots. But it does make me a bit more tired. I hope I get use to it.

You should see Emma's face when I have to crawl. She thinks I want to play. Then wants to lick my face with kisses. She keeps me laughing she is so sweet. Today I am happy to say I managed to be on my feet all day. Funny you don't appreciate it till you can't manage it. MS sure teaches me to appreciate many things in my life.

More than anything I appreciate my family, my husband, my children and their spouses, and of course my sister, brothers and my dear sweet Emma who is with me 24/7 through thick and thin, In the good and hard times.

Hope you have sweet dreams. Emma and Mary

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