Monday, November 17, 2008

Out and About a Bit Today

Hello from Emma and Mary

This is a picture of Emma at MS Camp, I am thinking of camp because this weekend is the MS convention. We will be going on Saturday assuming all goes as planned. I will be at the Helping Paws Booth from 11-1 but also at the convention. I want to hear the speakers and chat with friends from camp and other MS gatherings. Fun to see a summer picture on a cooler November day.

We got out of the house today. I (Mary) woke up with a cold and cough. Nothing creeps up on me. Bamm I just cough like I have something serious (though I usually don't). I cough so loud and so often. pain in the neck and throat. Greg went to PT and we got to shop a bit all by ourselves at the grocery store next door. Since I don't drive - I don't get out alone often. Got a few needed items.

We also went to the bank, out for a quick lunch, and to another store. Then home for a long nap. Maybe it will help the cold or whatever this is. Greg needed to try walking and being out and oh he got tired and sore though. Tomorrow he has to go to work for awhile. I hope it is not too hard on him.

Emma was a bit stubborn out and about. Mostly fine but would not pick up my cane, or do some of the other things that she usually is quick to do. I don't know why she seemed to get distracted. She walked with me fine, did the movements like walk behind, walk at my side, and other things just fine so that is good. We will practice the cane at home tonight with extra reinforcement (treats and verbal praise. She did well though getting her nails trimmed at Pet Co - she does not like that but cooperated well. Greg takes her in rather than me. She rests her head on him and calms down. She does that better than with me I think because he can bend down (they do it on the floor) better than I can

The temperature is a lot colder 20's part of today with a brisk wind. I need to fetch out my winter coats and clothes now. For awhile the sun was out and that was nice.

My garden needs to be cleaned out. Everything is dead now due to the cold temps and it looks pathetic, Some things need to be pulled out, roses cut back, but we don't strip it bare. If we do we loose soil in the winter. We keep some things in till fall to hold the soil in. It makes me kind of sad to see the garden with everything dead.

Things must smell to Emma in the yard. She is having a great time outdoors despite the weather. She did not want to play ball but did want to move about smelling things. The fenced in yard is delightful for us.

I better try cough medicine again. Hope all is well with you.

Mary and Emma

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