Saturday, November 29, 2008

Two Weeks till the Wedding

Two Weeks Till the WEdding

The day after Thanksgiving was fun. Mike, Tia, Rosa and Sophia and dog Lily slept over camping out on our living room floor and couches. They got to stay up late playing games and we got to wake up to their smiles. Greg made us a big breakfast.

Then it was time for me to sleep. This darn cold. Greg is so worried about me getting over it (which includes the asthma problems is stirs up) by the wedding. I am going to try to reach my clinic today.

So hey did you battle the crowds and shop? In our family Becky did go at 2 am. Among her finds were a $4 very nice dog bed for Emma to have in our living room. It is so nice Emma was using it all day. I will try to get a photo.

I am coughing a lot now so will try to write later. Thanks to my family for making the holiday specially. My husband made an awesome meal complete with enough leftovers to send home with my kids too if they wanted.

One thing that amazes me is how great Lily is when here (my grand dog). When I took the dogs outside Emma was so funny. She would venture into the yard to do her duty and just scope things out. Lily would do the same. Then before she came in Emma had to review Lily's footsteps almost she didn't want to miss anything that Lily smelled.

My children are good about taking the dogs out so they get out in the yard (with supervision) when they are here.

Have a good Saturday...Mary and Emma

I have heard some people can't get the pictures of blogspot blog to work for them. I willl for now blog both places.

I just had a good idea. Maybe we will bring this floor pillow with us to the church the day of the wedding. Emma will be there from 10:30 - 3:00 or so. It is Greg's work so we can easily find a place to put it for her during photo's, the women getting dresssed and so on... I will have to think about this...Mary

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