Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving Day

Oops are you going to get two pictures? Hope you enjoyed the anticipation and celebration of Thanksgiving as much as our family has today...and our party is not over yet....

Anna came yesterday to sleep over and helped both then and in the morning. So fun also to chat with her. She is so great with Emma and takes her outside a lot too.

I had such issues with coughing and Asthma both yesterday and today...Greg who is the cheif on holidays for sure ordered me to take it easy. I slept late and even napped both days. His goal was for me to not end up in ER with problems.

Mike, Tia and Rosa (the angel above) came around noon as did Dan. They all joined us for dinner. See how excited Rosa is. At age two she does not want a high chair anymore either.

We did some clean up and watched videos, hung out and even snuck in some naps. Mike and Tia headed out to see her family.

Leftovers at dinner time. But is the party over? NO. It has been low key so far.

Dessert and party await at about 8:30. That's when birthday girl Becky and her husband to be Justin get back from out of town. We are hoping to have pie and let the games begin. My kids love to play games. Mike and family I think are going to camp out on a footon mattress on my living room floor. They are young I couldn't manage the floor at my age.

So I help this goes as planned. Even if it is more quiet it will be nice to celebrate with Emma. We cooked (Greg cooked) lots of extras so we can send home leftovers to all who want them. That is fun for us.

They are done watching a video a did not care to see... I am off to joing the party. Just did a nebulizer treatment so hoping that keeps my breathing calm.

This day has been wonderful...Emma is doing fine. Lily comes too (see photo yesterday) and Emma got so excited. Lily is perfect and fun to pet. Emma gets so excited and is so much bigger I think she overwhelms Lily a bit at first. But a trip outside together in the yard or just time together and all is well.

Have a great weekend.

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