Saturday, November 22, 2008


We had fun at the MS Convention today. We were there from about 9-3. The day tired me out and came home to nap before and after dinner and dishes. Up quick to calm down my coughing and then back to bed. There was a dinner tonight but we did not attend obviously. Part of the time we were at the Helping Paws booth and also helped with a Helping Paws short presentation. Met many interested people. Watch out Eileen and staff you might get some inquiries about service dog applications. That is of course why we were there. To educate individuals on how a service dog might help them deal with Multiple Sclerosis.

We also enjoyed the friendly faces of MS Staff, volunteers and people who attend camp with us. It is heart warming and so uplifting to meet all these individuals. It was very well organized and informative.

We are off to bed. Emma was lonesome I guess. I woke up to her kisses. I mean licking and licking me ha ha. I tried to ignore her and pretend i was still sleeping at first. Then I wondered if she needed to go potty or something. Once we got up I realized all she wanted was my company. I do need to take her out though now before bed.

YOU HAVE TO LAUGH AT THIS - Rosa (granddaughter age 2) loves to talk on the phone to us, to her Auntie Anna. Yesterday I heard her saying "talk to Anna" and then "talk". I looked and she was holding the phone very properly up to Emma's ear. Emma looked puzzled but was cooperating. She was so darn cute. It made me laugh. I tried to grab my camera to capture the moment but couldn't move fast enough. Our dear dear Rosa and Sophia brighten our days. This happened Friday.

Hope you enjoy your weekend. Mary and Emma

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