Wednesday, November 12, 2008

On duty day and night - Emma

This is a photo of Emma helping me at Barnes and Noble when we did gift wrapping to benefit Helping Paws. Gift wrapping is free but donations are accepted. There is a reason why I am making sure some of my older pictures (this from 2005) get on this site.

This picture reminds me of how much Emma helps me in so many ways. Today i seem to be unable to grasp and maintain a hold on things. I often have weakness like this in my hands especially if I am tired. Emma to the rescue picking up things for me.

Today she is a sleepy doggy. Why? Because was up. Greg did better than I did. Emma will get up with me. I am so much pain and leg spasms. I was just miserable all night. I have a call into my doctor about that. I see them in about two weeks but they will maybe help with meds. I mention not to complain but to let MS readers know that this happends. Also to demonstrate how much she helps us. Most of all to let you know she is on duty 24/7.

When we get up at night, she follows me if I am trying to walk off the spasms, stetch, take a warm bath or whatever. Then often i sit up a bit on the couch and she snuggles with her head in my lap. Now her presence is good medicine regardless of what it is that is bothering me. When I get back to bed she is right there in her bed (next to mine) or hops on and sleeps at my feet. She is such a good source of help and comfort.

Just got home from Greg's PT appt. Dear daughter Becky took some time off work to drive us. Due to some vision and MS problems I rarely drive now. Waiting for my MS clinic to call me to see if I need a med change or something...

Thanks for the notes from regular readers who found this web site. Will be fun to get more pictures on the blog.

Off for a nap, mary and Emma

Hope you have a good day

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